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Home | Holiday resort situated in the Spanish Pyrenees, near Ainsa, Ordesa Valley and Sierra and Canyons de Guara

Holiday resort situated in the Spanish Pyrenees, near Ainsa, Ordesa Valley and Sierra and Canyons de Guara

Accommodation near Ainsa, Sierra de Guara and Ordesa.

Ligüerre de Cinca is a village of medieval origins. Abandonned due to the construction of the El Grado dam. In 1986 it was ceded to the UGT (Unión General de Trabajadores)-General Union of Workers-who dedicated their efforts to its restoring for touristic,social and farming uses.
THE HOLIDAYS CENTRE consists of two population centres at 2km distance from each other: the old part “Mesón de Ligüerre” and the “Pueblo de Ligüerre”(the village itself). Both surrounded by the El Grado reservoir and by an environment of pine trees, vineyards and paths.

In the "Mesón de Ligüerre" are situated the bungalows, the campsite and "La Panaderia" Hotel while in the village are the apartments, "Casa Broto" hotel and "Casa Sebastian" hotel.


 Adventure sports in the Pyrenees, near Ainsa and Guara

A quiet and familiar place to enjoy the traditions, culture and gastronomy…Sited at the country of Sobrarbe, at a short distance from Aínsa, the Parque Nacional de Ordesa (National Park of Ordesa), Pineta Valley and  Sierra de Guara (Guara’s mountain range) where the practise of water and adventure sports in the same Centre complete the touristic option.

The combination of spare time, quietness and knowledge of Nature make the Holidays Centre of Ligüerre de Cinca the ideal place to be in the Aragonese (Spanish) Pyrenees.

The Weather   Forecast by  Ligüerre de Cinca; Location Abizanda

Accommodation near Sierra de Guara, Ainsa, in the Spanish Pyrenees.

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Nuestra História

Historia de Ligüerre de Cinca
Estamos trabajando en la edición de un bloque que hable de esta bonita história........
La vuelta a la vida del pueblo abandonado de Ligüerre de Cinca....

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Prensa de Vino

Que la prensa de vino que está en el restaurante El Entremón se encontró tapiada en casa Broto.